Simulation Needs Analysis Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in Maudsley Simulation’s work and our simulation development programme. We would be delighted to discuss how we can support you to develop your simulation-based education provision. We would be grateful if you can complete this brief questionnaire to help us understand your organisation and your expectations for the future. You may want to consult with your local simulation lead and key stakeholders to answer some questions.

1 - Does your organisation provide Simulation Based Education (SBE)?
3. Do you have access to the simulation centre in your organisation?
5. If no, which of the following do you have access to?
9. Which professional groups do you typically provide training for?
10. Which professional group you have you identified would benefit from simulation training?
17. What aspects of SBE would you like support with?
18. Simulation is an effective but expensive form of training, do you have dedicated funding to support the training?