Maudsley Simulation is proud to have grown over the last two years when we have developed over 30 new courses, and have trained over 2000 health professionals focussing on mental health in an array of settings. 

We offer a range of services, detailed below, to a wide variety of organisations looking to improve the quality of their education and training offer. 

What we offer 

  • Provided by Maudsley Simulation:  choose any of our courses for your organisation to be delivered by our team, either at our centre or a location of your choosing. 


  • Partnership with Maudsley Simulation:  again choose any of our courses for your organisation to be delivered by our team, either at our centre, or a location of your choosing but additionally allow us to work with you to be able to capacity build in your organisation for future delivery in terms of faculty development and simulation expertise. 

  • Purchased from Maudsley Simulation:  as part of our service offering, purchase the consultancy from our experienced team who can help with developing or improving mental health simulation within your organisation. Our consultancy offering covers the following areas: course development, scenario writing, debriefing, actors and fidelity, technology, research and evaluation. 

For more information on how we can help you or your organisation, please contact a member of our team